Angling Club
Burton On Trent
Member of the The Angling Trust
Access to this stretch is via the double ‘coral type’ gates at the end of Baileys Meadow. There are lots of
pegs on this stretch but as yet many of these are not defined.
You can drive to the swims but you must follow the river bank when traversing the fields . Do Not drive
across the fields, Keep to the bank
Some of the swims are easy to access and can produce good nets of fish.
The noted Pipe bridge peg is famous for the large chub that it holds and if you know where the swim is
you can have 30lb
 on most occasons.
Some swims  have high banks and care is needed
On the opposite side of the island we have a short strtch known as sinii , this is a slower water and can
produce Barbel chub roach and bream
Target species:---Chub, Roach, Barbel, Pike, Carp, Bream.
 Should you fancy some almost untouched fishing Then this is the place to explore and fish in countryside
which belies its proximity to an urban conurbation. Kingfishers, Herons, Buzzards, Green Woodpeckers
even Oyster Catches will share this countryside haven with whilst you fish.
It may be necessary to close this water for short periods during the season when the farmer has Bulls in
the field this is done for health and safety reasons and during this period fishing is not alowed.
Notices will be posted on the Baileys gates when this occurs