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If like me you are a little older than you used to be and are finding carting your tackle about a bind, then you might consider this easy
project for the winter months.
I decided that i was going to convert my manual push/pull tackle trolley into a powered version at
as low cost as possible. Having looked at the commercial version of powered fishing trolleys  it
seemed to me a relatively easy task to do and in practice it proved easier than i had thought.
I decided to look at various Golf trolleys as the power unit as these are cheaply available on ebay
and would need minimum alteration in some cases.
I eventually settled on the
 model as these were cheap and have a motor rated
between 150 and 200 Watts and a simple speed control on the handle.
My fishing trolley is a pretty standard type but most types would do
for this project especially if it has pneumatic wheels   of 10 inches
My trolley has a frame which folds up into a flat package for transport and this was important, in order to
keep the finished article capable of being folded up. The Hill Billy Golf trolley is also able to fold up for
transport by simply releasing a simple lever on the handle.
You can see the finished Trolley on the right and side loaded with
my tackle box. Note that the centre of Gravity is somewhere in the
middle of the four wheels in order to distribute the weight evenly
between the four wheels
I paid £40 for the Golf Trolley from E bay in full working order and
complete with new battery and charger, in my opinion money well
The Hill Billy trolley is fitted with two clutches on the axle these
serve two purposes 1, to allow the motor to drive the wheels and 2
to allow you to push the trolley manually if it breaks down.
Normally the battery on these trolleys is capable of powering the  unit  for 18 golf holes , This is
more than enough for a fishing trip along the lake side or Canal bank etc.
So how do we do it.
First of all once you have acquired a golf trolley make sure you
test it. I suggest you test it for a good ten minutes or more , the
one I bought needed new brushes in the motor , a simple job ! so
make sure its going to work before you start.
You do not need to alter the golf trolley or the fishing trolley in
this project as they simple fit together.
Open the fishing trolley up and lay it onto the golf trolley as
shown in
Picture A.
Make sure that the axle of the fishing trolley sits onto the plastic
footplate of the golf trolley, this is where the bottom of the golf
bag would sit.
Picture B
If your trolley has 10 inch wheels they
should sit on the ground with no adjustment. other sized wheels
may need the fishing trolley to be adjusted up or down until the wheels sit on the ground. Use the strap on
the Golf trolley to loosely secure the fishing trolley to it as shown in
Picture B
Now turning your attention to the top of the fishing trolley
Picture C
you need
to make a metal clamp of some sort to secure the fishing trolley to the handle of
the Golf trolley. I used two small bits of aluminium square section from B&Q
 drill two holes from the top to fix the long bar to the fishing trolley and then
drill two holes though the small square bar and the long bar from the back. Fit
two bolts through the top and then use the small bar to clamp the golf trolley
handle to the fishing trolley frame tighten these bolts securely. No further fitting
was required on my conversion it was as solid as a rock.
The finished trolley can be seen in
Picture D
fully expanded ready for use.
Picture E
shows the trolley folded ready for transport and and
Picture F
it stowed in the back of my motor.
You may decide to take a different approach of course but this article shows
how easy it is to make your own powered trolley at very little cost, certainly
cheaper than buying a commercial version
I have tested the trolley fully loaded and it drives perfectly . If adjusted to full speed i cant keep up with
it. Adjusting the speed is a simple turn of the knob and can be adjusted to a nice easy walking pace or as
slow as you like. I found even with four fixed wheels that manoeuvrability was acceptable.
As an afterthought I removed the two small wheels shown in Picture B , they are not necessary.
Trolley Conversion
By Dave Mellor
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Finished trolley
My original  Trolley
Hill Billy Golf Trolley