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Burton On Trent
Member of the The Angling Trust
When first starting in this sport we all ask our selves the same question , h”How much is it going to cost me to set up with
all the gear i need.
Well the answer to this is simple you can pay as much or as little as you want .
I would suggest the bare essentials are as follows:
.  A rod usually a float rod of about 13 ft in length , a general purpose rod is a good place to start
.  A reel , maybe a open faced multiplier of reasonable quality
 . A box of some sort to put all of your tackle in and to sit on.
 . A Bait box
  .A Landing net
  .A Keep Net
  .An assortment of floats
.  An assortment of hooks
 . A box of split shot (mixed sizes)
 . A reel of line Suitable for the fish you are after
 . If you are 12 years old + A Rod License ! (Essential)
This list is not complete of course you can get many types of Rods for the different methods of fishing but you don’t need
to buy them all at once to get you going, Things like a Pole can come later when you have more experience.
Now lets look at some of what’s available for  the tackle you will need