Angling Club
Burton On Trent
Member of the The Angling Trust
. Membership is via the Clubs application form only. A membership application must be endorsed by all of the
Clubs  management.
 All club members must be in possession of a current rod licence. membership card and Washlands card. These to
be produced on request.
 The Coors AC year starts from the 1
 April. Membership subscriptions should be paid before the 1
 June, after
this   date are re-joining fee of £15 will take effect.
 Normally fishing is from dawn till dusk (for exception see rule 14)
 Members will leave no litter, all gates must be closed and the locks secured after each use
 Members details will be held by the Club on computer for the purpose of the Data Protection Act, you agree to
this by virtue of membership.
All members and guests are responsible for their own safety when fishing/visiting all Club waters and do so at
their own risk.
 No alteration allowed to club stages i.e.. drilling or fixing brackets or extensions.
Any member who breaks any of the Club’s rules or generally brings the name of the Club into disrepute shall be
liable to be called before the Management Committee who shall have the power to suspend or expel the offending
 The management decision pertaining to any matters not provided by these rules shall be final.
A maximum strict speed limit of 5mph is to be observed when driving on the club stretches of Baileys
Municipal and Sherratts .
 When fishing on stretches that have been permanently pegged please keep to the pegged swims.
 No fires to be lit
 Night fishing is allowed on some sections (ask for details)
All members are expected to act in a courteous manner to all other users of the facilities
16 .
 No Fish are to be taken from any Coors Water under any circumstances (The exception is Rule 22)
17 .
 permits must be produce to an authorised Bailiff when requested.
 Partners of a full member may fish at a reduced rate  of £5 per day provided they hold an EA rod license.
Any member may be companied by  a junior who is under 17 years of age. The Junior may fish free of charge.
provided that if over 12 years of age he or she has a EA rod license and is on an adjacent peg to the full member
Junior members having reached the age of 17 years are deemed to be senior members and liable to pay full
membership fee.
Any angler 12 years and over must be in possession of a current environment agency rod license
 Where parking at a peg is permitted you must park so as not to obstruct any footpath or right of way. The club is not liable for ant damage to vehicles
21 . From time to time it may be necessary to put a temporary ban on certain sections when requested by the Farmer  if this happens then it must be respected . Notices will be posted accordingly. 22 . Any Zander or American Signal Crayfish caught, may be removed and dealt with in accordance with the   E.A Policy. 23.  All Coors angling club members ,when attending the Washlands sports and social club for any reason must carry  their angling club membership card and produce this if requested . The angling club card serves as the Washlands  membership card as well
Rules updated 14/03/2018
24 All accidents MUST be reported in writing (preferably by Email)to the club secretary immediately. This rule introduced following changes in the way insurance companies manage liability claims insurers require the club to advise themimmediately in writing following and incident which they mau have an interest. In particular incidents involving personal injury