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Plumbing the depth
Plumbing the depth is an important part of setting up your tackle
for a successful days fishing the illustration three different depths
have been shown.
 the float is set too deep and will lay flat on the surface of the
water. - Move the float closer to the hook and try again.
 the float sinks below the water which means that the depth is
too shallow - move the float
away from the hook and try again
 the float tip can just be seen above the water and it is standing
upright. this is the correct depth
A couple of different types of plummet are shown here, these are perhaps
the most popular. The first ,you pass your hook through the top ring and
then secure the hook point into the cork at the bottom
The second one shown simply clips onto the hook. I find this type not as
secure as the first type as it is prone to coming off if it gets stuck in weed
or on the bottom during the plumbing up stage