Angling Club
Burton On Trent
Coors Open Result 19th August
The river again fished well despite a strong downstream  wind which made it difficult  in some areas, not so for Nigel  Bull drawn on Municipal peg 22 he pole fished at 13m with maggots and hemp over ground bait for 18lb 6oz of quality roach catching better fish later on hemp. Second on broadholme island peg 21 was Robbie Quinn fishing traditional waggler and bronze maggots he netted 16lb 8oz of roach from his 4 foot deep swim. Third off Sherratts farm peg 16 was Nick West again fishing waggler but with loose fed casters and hemp for 15lb 8oz of mostly quality roach. 1 N Bull Shakespeare  18.6.0 2 R Quinn Shakespeare 16.8.0 3 Nick West MMS 15.8.0 4 Ian Shaw Coors 14.2.0   Sections A. R Alexander 12.0.0             Munie B. S Lowther11.0.0                  Munie C. C Buckingham 10.1.0         Andressey D. D Webb 9.8.0                      Andressey E. B Watts 8.5.0                      Broadholme F. M Hawksworth 12.3.0      Broadholme G.I Saiger 10.10.0                   Baileys H.T Moreton 4.11.0               Baileys I.R Smith, C Talbot 9.12.0    Sherratts J.D Kinson 7.15.0                    Sherratts   Qualifiers. R Alexander, Tim Kinson, C Buckingham, M Hawksworth, I Saiger.
Third Place Nick West