Angling Club
Burton On Trent
Coors Open Result 12 August
Normally a bit of fresh water and a rising river slows  sport at Burton upon Trent, but it looked like the fish were waiting for it this time, the conditions produced our best match so far this season. Peter Salt ran out a comfortable winner from peg4  on the municipal  stretch  fishing mostly waggler with hemp and bronze maggots he caught steadily until the last hour when the fish came on strong putting 6lb in the net bringing his total to 17lb 4oz. Six pegs above Peter was Nigel Bull whose having a good run on the river fishing long pole  with maggots over groundbait  he had mostly  roach for a level 14lb. Third was Simon Heaton who had a torrid time on peg 20 on bailey's tangleing with some big Chub  and the odd Barbel he managed to get 3 Chub out and some good roach for 13lb 15oz. 1 P Salt Dynamite Mayfair 17.4.0 2 N Bull Shakespeare 14.0.0 3 S Heaton Mms 13.15.0 4 D Petch Quorn 13.12.0 5 R Smith Burton Mutual 13.9.0 Sections A. R Alexander 11.6.0                    Munie B. C Lloyd 12.2.0                             Munie C. A Reynolds 13.2.0                      Munie D. C Beech 12.8.0                            Broadholme E. W Swinscoe 12.8.0                     Broadholme G. D Shakespeare 11.8.0               Sherratts H. P Bick. 9.4.0                                 Andressey I. S Ashby 11.8.0                              Andressey Qualifiers S Heaton. P Salt.C Beech. D Shakespeare. D Cade.
Wayne Swinscoe Section winner