Angling Club
Burton On Trent
Coors Open Result 5th August
Strangely the river Trent is fishing really well despite being desperately low and clear, leading the way in this latest qualifier was Wayne Swinscoe drawn on the pacey municipal stretch peg 6 an area that offers shade across the peg for a couple of hours, he made the most of this fishing pole at 11m with casters over groudbait, he had about 8lb in the first 90 minutes mostly roach, as the sun came over water the pole line  died as you could clearly see the bottom. While pole fishing Wayne had been primeing a waggler line mid river with hemp and bronze maggots switching after 2 hours he again had about 8lb in 90 minutes before everything slowed to the final whistle where he weighed 17lb 4oz  for comfortable win. Runner up was Dave Petch again drawn on municipal peg 18 where he fished his favourite longpole with hempseed method for 15lb 8oz of quality roach.Third off Broadholme island peg 21 was local rod Dave kinson fishing waggler and bronze maggots for 13lb 14oz. 1 W Swinscoe Drennan Bait-tech 17.4.0 2 D Petch Quorn as 15.8.0 3 D Kinson Coors ac 13.14.0 4 D Armstrong Mms 12.14.0 5 T Moroz 12.4.0 Sections A.R Quinn 9.10.0 B.S Hardwidge 10.10.0 C.S Lowther 10.15.0 D.R Smith  8.9.0 E.H Clapham 10.11.0 F.Stu Raynor 9.4.0 G.C Buckingham 7.3.0 H.T Moroz  12.4.0 I.S Metalte 10.8.0 Qualifiers S Hardwidge, D Kinson,H Clapham,S Raynor, S Metalte.
Wayne Swinscoe Winner