This section has 22 swims. which may change due to seasonal weed growth .
Access to this section is through the grounds of the Washlands Sports and Social
Club either through their main gate or over the bridge at the back of the car park
behind the Fitness First building on Wetmore Road.
Parking on this section is behind most pegs. A very unique feature of this stretch
of Coors A.C. water is that it is all single bank fishing due to the building up of
the flood defences over the years to help stop Burton Town centre flooding. The consequence of this is that access to
fish from the opposite bank is nigh on impossible, it’s a good thing to know that when you turn up for a days fishing
here you’ll have nobody opposite
Target species :--- Chub, Roach, Perch, Barbel, Pike, Dace. Grayling.
Pegs 1 to 13 are best accessed from the Wash lands Club main gate. Via Meadow
which may be locked with a combination  lock for members out of club hours
Peg 1 is sited just below a pipe bridge. The river here is wide, shallow and weedy
for much of its width but on the inside is a deeper weed free channel which can
produce bags of chub, dace even Grayling ! Peg 2 has similar characteristics. Pegs
3,4 and 5 have depth from the inside line to mid river.
Peg 6 is a noted peg,  an old weir creates many vortices and back swims across the
river whilst a large back swim on the inside makes it a must to fish when the river is carrying a little extra water.
Though this swim is not just a flood swim it is capable of good nets of fish at any time. Many big chub to 5lb+ have
been caught from this peg.
Pegs 7  - 13 are stick and waggler swims though peg 9 is a noted barbel area.
Peg 14 is the start of what is known as ‘above the groundsman’s hut  and is best
accessed from the Fitness First car park. These pegs right up to 22 can produce
good bags of roach in the Summer and bags of chub in the Winter. Barbel can put in
an appearance from any of these swims. The average depth is 4 - 5 feet
Peg 22 is accessed from the Meadow Road car park
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