2019 Open Match Schedule © Matches will be 50- 60 pegs depending on Ferry Bridge All Sundays except the Riverfest match and the Festival days   Sep 1st     2019 Mcmillan Drennan Coors Open Sep 8th    2019 No Match Sep 10,11 &12 2019 Burton 3 Day Festival Sep 15th   2019 No Match Sep 22nd  2019 Drennan Grand Final Sep 25th   2019 Frank Barlow Charity Match (Wednesday) Sep 29th   2019 No Match Oct 6th     2019 No Match Rowing Event Oct 12th   2019 Riverfest Match (Staurday) Oct 20th   2019 Coors Open Coors Drennan Open Result 28/7/19 The river at Burton was carrying  a foot of extra water and still rising after torrential rain  the previous 24 hours and it was still lashing down during the match, its a credit to the anglers that 54 turned out,the match fished really well with double figures from a lot of areas. The pipe bridge on Bailey's produced the winner but not with the usual big chub. Nottingham's Antony White decided to fish the steadier water on his side of the
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Coors Club Members match list for 2019 season. Memebers wishing to fish the matches must register for the series by the 7th April at the club aGM at the Washlands Club or by Email to Tony Vandome. Details about the matches will br presented at the AGM Canal Lake River 24thAugust (SAT) 6th October 29th September           All Sundays except August 24th which is a Saturday                      
2019 Water booking for the River Sections are booked out to visiting clubs on dates shown WATER BOOKINGS Clubs wishing to book any of Coors waters for matches should contact the water booking manager Carl Nuttall on 01782279662 Note that clubs booking our waters must have personal liability insurance cover of £5m. Angling Trust member clubs already have this. Water Bookings are now being taken for the 2017/2018 season.Please note that no bookings will be acepted for any day preceeding any arranged match Please note that seasonal weed growth may restrict the number of fishable pegs on some sections
Coaching Sessions Now Available From a Qualified Coach for River, Canal and Lake Those interested e mail markforeshew50@outlook.com Stating  Name, Type of coaching required and if the individual is a junior or senior member.  
Waters Booked out to visiting clubs Sept 14th 2019 Section Booked = Bailies Oct   26th 2019 Section Booked = Bailies
The fifth   of this seasons matches  took place on the  Baileys Section on Sunday 7th July .  The  river was generally clear but still contained a fair amount of debris from the previous heavy  rain. This match was attended by 13 anglers, two of whom were the father and son paring of  John and Steve Hardwidge, unfortunately neither angler qualified for this Club Championship  match as the Championship is not open for anglers who fish the open river   matches.   Darren fished his first match with us and had a very healthy bag of 7lbs exactly, 2 nd   to fourth  places were average weights, the rest of the field struggled on what turned out to be a very  peggy   event, which saw a number of the anglers struggling for bites. Congratulations go to  John Blunn for holding onto the championship leader board, Dave Pearsall for putting a bag  of fish together despite his eye sight issues and John Lewis who added a grayli ng in a very  poor match for him to lead the species count so far with 7 species of fish.   Match 5   Result     Match 1   Canal   19th May   Species Caught   Matches to Date   No of  Species  MTD               Peg     Angler   Weight                   17   1st   Darren   7 lb  0 oz   Perch/roach   2   20   2nd   Dennis St Clair   3lb.12 oz   Perch /Carp / Rudd /B ream /Roach/   Gudgeon   6   3   3rd   Peter Curtis   3lb 8 oz   Perch/Rudd /Carp/Bream /Roach   5   9   4th   Graham Toon   2lb 0 oz   Bream/Roach/Rudd/Gudgeon /Perch/ Carp   6   1   5th   John Blunn   1lb 13 oz   Roach /Carp/Rudd/Bream /Rudd   5   2   6th   Tony Vandome   1lb 12 oz   Bream /Rudd /Roach/Perch   4   5   7th   Matt   1lb 9 oz   Roach/P erch   5   6   8th   Dave Pearsall   1lb 4 oz   Perch/Roach   2   25   9th   John A Lewis   1.0lb   Bream/Roach/Rudd/Gudgeon/Perch/ Carp/Grayling   7   6   10th   Paul Lewis   0lb 13oz   Perch/Carp/Rudd/Bream/Roach/   Gudgeon   6   23   11th   Bill Townsend   0lb 12oz   Skimmer /C arp/Rudd/Perch/roach   5     Match 6   The next match will be fished on  the  river  on Saturday 10 th   August ,   will members  who are  going to fish  please phone or email  either   Email;    www.tony@vandome1.plus.com                                    Mobile 07940 532367   Email:   www.johnalewis@watermanenvironmental.co.uk          Mobile  07966 533220   The meeting place for breakfast and the draw will be announced nearer the date. The river  section will be chosen using the best returns seen from open matches. ANGLER                              FIRST NAME   LAST  NAME   Match  1   Match  2   Match  3   Match  4   Match  5   New Total  Points     Current  Posistion   Bill    Townsend   13   11   8   14   4   50   4th   Dave    Pearsall   5   7   6   7   7   32   8th   Dennis     St Clair   9   7           13   29   10th   Glen   Poppleton   7   7   11   8       33   7th   Graham    Toon   13   12   14   10   11   60   2nd   John    Blunn   14   14   12   12   10   62   1st   John      Lewis   11   13   13   11   6   54   3rd   Paul    Lewis   0   10   10   13   5   38   6th   Peter    Curtis   10       9       12   31   9th   Tony    Vandome   8   10   6   8   9   41   5th   Steve   Brieley               9       9   11th   Fished by       9   9   9   9   13
Coors Specimin Fish Competition The specimin fish competition has been started once again this season where club members can enter any species of course  for the first prize of a free full membeship for the following season Please read the rules, and how to enter which can be found HERE
river.Fishing whip 6m to hand in 4 feet of water feeding the odd ball of groundbait and loose feeding casters and hemp over the top he caught steadily  through the match with a mixed catch of chublets,roach and dace for 16lb 13oz.Runner up Drennan's Steve Winter drew on the Municipal  length peg 18 and fished 10m with bronze maggots for mostly roach and the odd chublet for 15lb 12 oz. Ever consistent Nigel Bull was third from peg 3 on Bailey's fishing 11m of pole, loose feeding bronze maggots over groundbait for mainly roach for 15lb 6oz. 1 A White Matchman Supplies 16.13.0 2 S Winter Drennan 15.12.0 3 N Bull Starlets 15.6.0 4 S Raynor Gerrys 14.3.0 5 P Harrison 14.1.0 Sections A.N West 7.12.0 B.I Ward 6.7.0 C.J Urrity 12.14.0 D.M Hawksworth 12.13.0 E.R Smith 11.14.0 F.P Hamilton 13.12.0 G.J Harper 7.6.0 H.R Casterton 9.13.0 I.C Buckingham 9.8.0 J.T Cahill 9.4.0 Qualifiers.S Winter,A White,N West,J Urrity,R Casterton.  
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