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There are literally thousands of different types of float
available ,many have special uses and are used only for
certain sets of circumstances.
Here I will discuss just a few of the common types and there
Different types of Waggler
 Insert Waggler
A straight waggler float with an insert at the top, of thinner
diameter and sometimes made of material that doesn't float.
This is to give it maximum sensitivity, so it needs shotting
down so that only part of the insert is above water.
Straight Waggler
Not as sensitive as the insert waggler. Better for windy days,
waters that have a fair amount of undertow and  these are
more easily seen than the insert waggler
Bodied Waggler
These floats have a built up body at the base of the float, so it
will carry more weight. This enables the float to be cast a
greater distance. It's extra weight carrying capacity can also
be used in rough conditions to help keep the float stable
Stick Floats
The stick float is designed for river
fishing. They are attached length ways
along the line, with the bottom facing
the hook end. Two or three small
silicone rubber bands are used to slide
over both the line and float, and are
placed at the top and bottom of the
float. This holds the float in place, but allows you
to easily adjust the float position along the line.
Stick floats are fished down stream of where you
are river fishing.  The design of the Stick float
remains basically the same but some have wire
bottoms , some are have plastic bottoms  and some
are made of Balsa Wood, there are others but these
are the basic types
The stick floats have a slim design, that allows it to
lay down in the current. This lets you maintain
control over the float and more importantly, your
hook bait.