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Feeders and feeder fishing has evolved over the years into a science and the designs you can get
are varied and specific to the type of fishing you are doing.
Here we will describe three of the basic types and there uses
Open ended feeder
Open ended feeder fishing is one of  the most popular and effective methods. on
waters with a large stock of fish, This methods will work well.
The strength of the open ended feeder is its capacity to allow an angler to feed
at  long range as little or as much as they want  useful  for laying down a large
bed of feed  to regularly depositing feed in a given area to build a swim This
method can prove very effective.
Block end feeder
This type of feeder had both ends blocked off with usually one end removable
so that it can be filled with bait. The bait is intended to be loose feed bait such
as maggots, hemp, pinkies etc.
The Method Feeder
A fairly recent innovation which has proved deadly ion use.
The idea is that the feeder is loaded with ground bait into a ball shape and the
hook bait is included in the ball.
As the ground bait breaks down in the water the hook bait is left among the area
of bait on the bottom.
You are able to cast a long way with this method