Angling Club
Burton On Trent
Member of the The Angling Trust
This section has 26 pegs which may change due to seasonal weed growth and
as the name indicates is an island. Parking is at Meadow lane, walking from
here up onto the bridge. Access is via a ramp off the Burton Bridge down
onto the island.
Target species:--- Roach, Chub, Bream, Perch, Pike, Carp.
 The upstream end of the island is where the river splits at the downstream
end of the Andressey section. Looking from the top point the river flows on
the right hand side opposite the Rowing club and the gun barrels and on
underneath 3 arches of Burton Bridge on the Stapenhill side. The left hand
side flows past the mouth of the Silver way  and on underneath 1 arch of the
Burton Bridge on the town side. Upstream and downstream of this arch are
weirs.                         Carrying on past these weirs the river has a shallow
back channel which joins back up to the main river and is just above the
upstream boundary of the Baileys Meadow section.
As this back channel rejoins the main river we have pegs 1 to 5 going back
upstream to the Stapenhill side of the Burton Bridge. Pegs 4 and 5 are below
the buttresses of this bridge and have always been fish holding features
providing big bags of roach quite often throughout the season and on other
occasions chub. Peg 6 is on the upstream side running into the arches of the
and is also a noted swim. The swims from here up to the point are quite even
in depth and character lending themselves to stick and waggler presentations.
On the opposite bank is the Burton Rowing Club who use their side to launch
rowing boats on most days. Some anglers can be put off fishing these pegs
for that reason but don’t be put off because the fish certainly are not. They
have that disturbance every day and are well used to it, very many good bags
of fish have been taken from these swims despite this, seemingly to us, this
disturbance of the river!
The last swim on this side at the top point is 16, coming around the point we
come to peg 17, 18, 19 these are on clear bank and are opposite the mouth of the Silver way noted for its bream in the
scoured out hole approx 10 feet deep. The next swims are in the trees, pegs 20 -25. Stick and waggler again down the
inside and mid river, opposite these swims on the far bank are beds of whips and lily pads home to all species including
bream and carp.
Peg 25 is just out of these trees and at the upstream end of a weir, this is a noted chub swim fishing to the weir and also
the inside line of this swim is well known to hold big perch. From here we go under the town side arch to the downstream
weir and back channel, interesting little swims that have produced big chub.