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Sweetcorn - the true canned fishing bait
Sweetcorn gained popularity as a Carp and Tench bait many years ago. Big Roach love the stuff too.
We used to just buy the stuff from the supermarket but tackle shops now stock an array of colours and flavours that
would make your head spin just to think about - imagine, who first thought of Tutti-Frutti flavour?
Sweetcorn is an excellent hook bait and loose feed and is another one of those baits you can carry with you in your
box and leave it there for when it's needed
Luncheon Meat - The summer fishing bait
Whenever you mention Luncheon Meat to a fisherman he doesn't think of that stuff that his nearest and dearest
sticks on his butties, he thinks about Carp, Tench, Chub or Barbel because it is an excellent bait for all of these
It can get over used on a lot of waters and some places ban it altogether because of all the cans thoughtless idiots
leave scattered on the banks. This is not only an inconsiderate thing to do because of it looking unsightly it can also be dangerous
to wildlife - and humans too. Anyway, enough of me ranting on about idiots.
Luncheon meat or slicing sausage is a great bait on still waters for Carp and Tench and can be used to devastating effect on the
rivers for Chub and Barbel too. Always worth having a tin in your box.
Squats or Feeders - how to fish with them
Squats are more commonly known in some quarters as feeders and they are the larvae of the housefly. They are the
smallest of the larvae used for fishing and are consequently used mainly for feeding. They can be used when
"balling-up" with ground bait to provide an irresistible carpet of feed. They can be fished with as a hook bait but
require tiny hooks and are somewhat fiddly - though some days they can make the difference between catching and
are boiled paste
ishing baits, usually combinations of fishmeals, milk proteins, bird foods, semolina and soya flour,
which are mixed with eggs as a binding agent and then boiled to form hardish round baits which will last in the water.
Additional flavourings and attractors are also usually included in the mix. The round shape allows the baits to be
catapulted accurately when fishing at range.
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