This  section is accessible from the Meadow side road off the Burton
As you drive off the tarmac road onto the rough track the access gate is
on the right hand side. The gate is combination locked for members use
Driving through the gate (please close, lock and scramble the numbers)
there are 25 swims which may change due to seasonal weed growth 
and there are  18 purpose built fishing platforms where you can park
your car behind each one for a very easy days fishing!
Target species for these platforms:--- Roach, Perch, Chub, Silver Bream, Pike
Noted swims are peg 1, approximate depth 6foot, probably fished the
most often because of its close proximity to the gate, fish the middle of
the river. Peg 3, fish middle to far side along the far bank tree line for
bonus bream and tench in the summer. Pegs 12, 13, 14  are fringed with
lilies in the summer and hold most species in the river, this is the area
for the increasingly rare Silver Bream recognisable for the pink tinge to
their fins. Pegs 15 to 18  are reed fringed but deeper down the middle
approx’ 9 foot and are the most consistent when contests are held often
providing section wins and sometimes contest wins.
The platforms finish at the start of the spinney which is now private
property.  Below the weir there is an islands with 2 swims, these are only accessible  by the new Bridge. These swims
suffer the ravages of flooding.There are now comfortable platforms to
fish from on this island . The weir pools offer very interesting fishing!
The last pegs, are again ones to park behind.  They are mainly fast
shallow chub and barbel swims. Though 23 does have a large back
swim opposite, home to big chub and perch who feed on the bleak
carrying extra water this back swim is as good a bet as any.
Please note that seasonal weed growth may restrict the number of
fishable peg on this section
Angling Club
Burton On Trent
Member of the The Angling Trust
shoals that hold up in that area. If you arrive at the river and find it